Friday, November 15, 2013

DevPrayag - beginning of mighty, holy River Ganga

DevPrayag, is a holy place, where two beautiful rivers - Alakananda & Bhagirathi meets.
This merger plays an important role in the forming one of the mightiest rivers on earth. From here onwards, this sacred river is known as "Ganga".
In this picture, River Bhagirathi, seen in light green colored & River Alakananda is brownish.

I have been lucky to visit this place twice. First time, when I was studying class 7. Back then River Bhagirathi was also brownish in Color! Now it is looks clear & has turned in to light green color.
Are you thinking, I am cooking some sort of story here?
Well, no! This color change is due to Tehri Dam built recently across River Bhagirathi.

River Bhagirathi begins its journey in Gaumukh(also pronounced as Go-Mukh). Gaumukh, is considered as birth place of holy Ganga river. But, until this river reaches DevPrayag, it is referred as "Bhagirathi" and not Ganga.

River Alakananda is considered to rise at the foot of Satopanth & Bhagirath Kharak Glaciers.

DevPrayag is amongst "Pancha Prayag" or Five Confluences of River Alakananda. From this point onwards, Ganga still has more than thousand kilometer journey to reach Bay of Bengal.