Friday, November 1, 2013

Aihole - Cradle of Temple Architecture

055/366 Aihole, is famously known as "Cradle of Indian Temple Architecture". This historic town, which was also known as "Ayya-vole" & "Aryapura" has over 125 temples. It appears that, Aihole was used as place to experiment in rock cut architecture. Temples have been built in unique style and experiments have been done with cave architecture as well. These temples dates from 5th century AD to 12th century AD built by Chalukya Dynasty.

Aihole was prominent city during Chalukya Dynasty & it was also early capital for Chalukyas. Over the period when Chalukyas grew in power, Badami became their new capital.

Durga temple depicted in the pic is one of the prominent temple. This temple was probably built around 7th-8th century AD. One can find famous inscription by court poet Ravikeerthi, which depicts Immadi Pulakeshi's win over famous emperor of Kanauj, Harshavardhana. This inscription is in Sanskrit and Old Kannada.
In one of the temples, one can also observe famous Chalukya's Royal Emblem depicting Varaha(Wild boar). Chalukyas were Vaishnavas(devotees of Lord Vishnu).

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